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Super Bowl XLV Betting Bad for Las Vegas Sports Books

Super Bowl XLV earns vast amounts of dollars for the metropolis while stating that hosts the event every year, yet additionally, it brings in huge amounts of bucks for you to Vegas sports casinos. Pertaining To any change, this coming year would become a fantastic 12 months for your gambling public, and in turn, certainly not so excellent for that casinos.

"Packers as well as the over ended up being the worst possible scenario for us," Jay Kornegay, said. Kornegay runs the Hilton Superbook inside Vegas.

Cowboys Stadium

The Green Bay Packers opened as 2½-point favorites inside Super Bowl XLV, so when soon as that will collection has been set, the actual flood gates opened along with millions of us dollars to arrive around the Packers inside Learn More Here days. The Particular collection didn't leap approximately 3-points until several view website times proper ahead involving the game, as well as that will didn't quit the money from coming in in folks siding together with Green Bay.

It's surprising the sports textbooks didn't jump the all round game earlier, particularly given that nearly almost all of your action had been thus one-sided in direction of Green Bay. The Actual casinos are usually currently rich, it's good in order to discover his or her whereabouts fork out big to the public regarding once! When a person were about the winning side of the table to obtain a alter along with Super Bowl XLV, it certainly feels good!

Photo Credit: Stephen Hanafin through flickr

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